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WIKILEAKS Exposes Amazon’s Secret Data Centers – In Revenge for Duty

Wikileaks Amazon Datacenter Locations Wikileaks; the whistle-blowing website, raised the eyebrows of the world on 11 October when it presented a document titled “Amazon Atlas” claimed to be an internal document from Amazon Web Services. The document, whose content is…


iPhone Passcode Bypass Found on New Apple Software Release iOS 12.1

iOS 12.1 Passcode Bypass Hack After only a couple of hours since Apple’s released it’s latest iOS someone was able to find a passcode bypass hack, that would allow access to private contacts on a locked iPhone. A Spanish security researcher, Jose…


China Tell Trump to Buy Huawei To Avoid Spying

China’s Advice to President Trump On October 25 the New York Times reported that there are Chinese and Russian spies that are listening to president Trump’s calls when he is calling his friends on one of his iPhones.  Apparently, Mr…


Supermicro to review hardware for malicious chips, “despite the lack of any proof”

Supermicro to Review Hardware Bloomberg’s extensive report on October 4 claims that the Chinese Government had a plan to infiltrate data of companies like the CIA, Amazon, Apple, just to name a few of the almost 30 companies targeted. They…

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