Poland-based 3S Group company, 3S Data Center SA, has announced it plans to develop a new tier III data center facility in Katowice, Poland.

Codenamed DC3, the planned Katowice data center will be 3S’ third and largest facility so far, with an area of ​​2200 square meters. This data center will join the existing complex of two 3S data centers (DC1 and DC2), increasing the company’s Katowice-Gospodarcza footprint to span an area of 4,400 square meters.

The development of DC3 is part of a planned investment set by 3S Data Center to address increase in demand. In line with this plan, the company is also finalizing the last stage of construction for the launch of its facility (DC) in Bytom. Furthermore, 3S plans to expand its investments to enable the acquisition of facilities in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wrocław.

This announcement coincides with the company’s 10 years anniversary, opened in May 2011 as 3Services Factory and in 2015, changed its name to 3S Data Center.

From the opening of the company, 3S launched its first commercial data center with an area of ​​800 square meters in a converted building located at ul. Gospodarcza 12 in Katowice.

In the following years, the company acquired new facilities including server room in Krakow along with the purchase of Fibertech Netwoks Sp. Zoo. 3S also built its own data center from scratch in 2014, and leased a server room from PNT Euro Centrum in Katowice in 2016, as well as launched a data center in the Prologis technology park in Annopol, Warsaw in 2017. So far, the company has six telecommunication-connected data centers located in 4 Polish cities (Warsaw, Kraków, Bytom and 3 sites in Katowice).

According to 3S, the company is also open to talks with the owners of its DC-type facilities in cities where it has or plans to build its own fiber-optic network as it plans to roll-out this investment through 2023.