Africa Data Centres (ADC), part of the Cassava Technologies Group, has announced that it is building a 30MW data center facility in Accra, Ghana.

As a pan-African data center service provider, ADC is expanding its West African footprint as it adds Ghana to the company’s footprint in Nigeria and Togo. The new facility is expected to lay the groundwork for the ADC’s hyperscale partners to expand digital services and solutions to more countries in West Africa.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented demand for digital services, apps, broadband, cloud technologies, and more, all of which are seeing data demand soar to unimagined levels,” said Tesh Durvasula, Chief Executive Officer at Africa Data Centres.

“This new facility will be a giant leap forward in our ambitious long-term plans to close the digital divide in Africa by bringing digital services to more businesses and people. We chose Accra as our next location since there is an existing high demand from hyperscalers, cloud operators and multi-national enterprises to digitally transform West Africa.”

“Many exciting innovations have their home in Africa, and numerous startups are raising billions to debut disruptive models across a wide range of sectors. Moreover, with Ghana being the second-largest economy in West Africa, it also is an attractive investment destination for international tech giants that want to expand their footprint in the region.”

In November 2021, Africa Data Centres (ADC) announced plans to expand its IT load capacity in Johannesburg, South Africa to 100MW, carrying out expansions across three campuses in the region. Prior to this announcement, ADC operates two Johannesburg hyperscale data centers which are located in Midrand and Samrand. These facilities offer 9,000 square meters of white space across 8 Data halls and 6,000 square meters of white space across 4 Data halls respectively.

As further announced, ADC plans to hire contractors and workers for the builds, from entry to high-tech level.