AIMS Data Centre has announced the commencement of construction of its new Tier III facility located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

As announced, the new data center power capacity can be scaled up to 50MW and will be joining the company’s Kuala Lumpur facility, adding a data center space of 240,000 square feet to AIMS’ portfolio.  The Cyberjaya facility will also be interlinked with AIMS’ facilities sited across Southeast Asia and also offer direct cloud access to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

“AIMS @ Cyberjaya will enhance the already symbiotic ecosystem that AIMS is known for. The new facility will open Malaysia up to more connections and the prospect of establishing itself as a regional data center hub given its strategic location in Southeast Asia with domestic and international connectivity, ease of access and relatively lower cost of entry,” said Chiew Kok Hin, chief executive officer AIMS.

The new data center, also known as “AIMS @ Cyberjaya” is targeted at serving hyperscale and enterprise customers with high processing and stringent security requirements. The Cyberjaya facility will be a satellite site for Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) which is also managed by AIMS. Hence, the company mentioned that businesses can as well leverage AIMS’ network to expand in the ASEAN region.

AIMS further stated that the Cyberjaya facility has currently received the Tier III Certification of Design Documents from the Uptime Institute to ratify the functionality and capacity in the engineering and architectural specifications of the data center. Also, AIMS’ new data center is expected to be Green Building Index (GBI) ready upon completion.

To support financial services, the new facility is said to be compliant with the latest Risk Management in Technology (RMiT) guidelines for financial institutes as issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

According to the company, the new data center is expected to be operational later this year.