Asia-Pacific hyperscale data center provider AirTrunk, has just announced the opening of its second data center in the north of Sydney, Australia.

Code named SYD2, the new AirTrunk data center facility is expected to support the growth of cloud customers with the provision of about 110MW load capacity. Along with the 130MW data center in Western Sydney (SYD1) and another 130MW data center in Melbourne, AirTrunk now boasts of having 370MW total capacity in Australia.

“Throughout the Asia-Pacific region we’re delivering hyperscale data center campuses at accelerated speed to enable the growth of the digital economy. SYD2 has all the hallmarks of AirTrunk’s state-of-the-art data centers, and we are well-positioned to offer the scale and service that our global customers need now and into the future,” said Robin Khuda, Founder and CEO of AirTrunk.

Sited over a land that spans about 39,500 square meters and powered by a dedicated 200MVA 132kV substation, SYD2 is developed to serve cloud service providers who require customized and scalable capacity in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

The opening of the SYD2 campus follows the company’s dual data center launch in Hong Kong and Singapore in December 2020. Since its first data center opened in September 2017, AirTrunk now operates five data centers across the Asia-Pacific regions. The company also plans to open its Tokyo data center later this year, bringing AirTrunk’s total data center portfolio to 750MW.

“AirTrunk is committed to championing sustainability and our team are constantly innovating to improve data center efficiency. We’re designing hyperscale data centers, like SYD2, that are significantly more energy efficient than traditional on-premise data centres, reducing total emissions and the impact on the environment,” said Damien Spillane, Chief Technology Officer of AirTrunk.

The opening ceremony was officiated by The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Member for Lane Cove. And as announced, the first four phases of SDYs is now ready for customers with the availability of immediate plans to scale out the data center to about 110MW of total capacity based on customer growth.