Nordic data center service provider atNorth, has just announced the start of construction for its new $72 million data center facility in Stockholm, Sweden.

The new Stockholm data center is codenamed SWE01: SIF DC, which is designed to have a total IT load capacity of 11.2MW with racks that can host up to 40KW air cooled infrastructure and over 100KW for liquid cooled infrastructure. Spanning 6,400 square meters, this data center facility is also atNorth’s flagship AI and high-performance computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) project.

“For atNorth, this SIF DC is a landmark project, as we are expanding beyond Iceland. Our goal is to become a world leader in high-performance computing and colocation services,” said Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, Chief Executive Officer of atNorth.

“We are excited to bring more compute power and services to our ambitious customers. It means they can reduce cost, bring products to market faster than before and solve even more complicated problems.”

Sited in the district of Kista, the new data center marks atNorth’s first facility outside Iceland, where it runs two data centers including THOR DC data center in Hafnarfjörður and MJOLNIR DC data center in Reykjanesbær, with about 80MW of power capacity available.

Collaborating with an energy provider in the region – Stockholm Exergi, atNorth plans to channel the heat generated from servers in this data center to homes for heating purposes. This is expected to further reduce the company’s waste emission and considered a climate-positive solution.

atNorth was previously Advania Data Centers until the recent rebranding and change of name. The plan to develop the Stockholm data center was first announced in November 2019 where the company also established a partnership with Stockholm Exergi to develop the new data center.

This project is planned to be developed in seven phases. The delivery of the first phase was scheduled for 2020 but atNorth claims the project was delayed due to COVID-19, and have now rescheduled the availability of the first phase to December 2021.