Columbia headquartered data center infrastructure provider Bluebird Network, has just announced the completion of its $11.5 million underground data center expansion in Springfield, Missouri.

The Tier 3 data center now features a total of about 29,000 square feet of white space with the expansion project delivering around 11,500 square feet. Running on diesel-fueled generators driven by a Rolls Royce v16 octo-turbo engine, the facility now has a total power capacity of up to 6MW, supported by lithium-ion UPS, and a third primary metered electrical grid connection.

“Our customers now and in the future will reap the benefits of a world-class data center with unparalleled security. Bluebird’s strengths and communications infrastructure offerings underpin the success of a digital world. We thrive on helping businesses, hospitals, governments and other operations run lightning fast every day while offering them a way to flexibly grow,” said Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network.

“Being 85 feet below ground, a unique data center like Bluebird Underground requires a unique expansion strategy to empower dynamic and growing requirements, and that’s exactly what this addition has accomplished for our customers.”

As announced in November last year, this project marks Bluebird’s second expansion on its Springfield underground data center and it is in response to growing customer demands. With the latest expansion, Bluebird expects to meet the requirements of organizations moving to more data and bandwidth-hungry applications.

Recently, Bluebird also unveiled the Springfield Internet Exchange (SpringIX) which is hosted in the company’s underground data center to support the region. SpringIX is expected to further support the communications infrastructure required for commercial operations at varying scales, and provide members of the Exchange system a base to offload local traffic and virtually peer with other content providers.

Surrounded by limestone rock, this underground facility leverages its environment especially for security.