Data center company CloudHQ, has partnered with Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd), an energy provider, to develop a hyperscale data center campus in Illinois, United States.

The new data center campus is sited at the former United Airlines HQ in Mount Prospect and as announced, CloudHQ has received local approvals from the Village of Mount Prospect to begin development of the site, which will repurpose the 50-acre, former United Airlines headquarters and operations center that was vacated in 2007.

With the groundbreaking event, construction is now underway on the $2.5 billion, 1.5 million square foot hyperscale data center project, expected to be the largest data center in the state of Illinois.

“CloudHQ is excited to be bringing this hyperscale development to the Village of Mount Prospect. The location, scale and speed to market of our ORD Campus reinforces all we strive to achieve, as partners to our customers. The demand we see for this location is already extremely encouraging, and will be supported by a new dedicated on-site ComEd substation that will allow us to scale to power future customer demand,” said Keith Harney, COO of CloudHQ.

For the new campus, a new onsite substation will be constructed by ComEd to support CloudHQ operations. ComEd will also install new 100MVA transformers at the site for the first time.

“ComEd is thrilled to support the launch of one of the largest data centers ever seen in our state, as part of our ongoing work to power growth by Illinois companies who continue to bring jobs and investment into the communities we are proud to serve,” said Gil C. Quinones, CEO of ComEd.

“Companies like CloudHQ continue to look to northern Illinois and our service territory thanks to the unparalleled access to clean, affordable and reliable power that is essential for meeting the demands of today’s economy.”

Also, the first phase of this Illinois data center project is scheduled for completion in 2024, with an additional two buildings planned to be completed in the next 3-5 years based on demand.

“I know I speak for the entire Village Board as well as a very grateful community when I say that we all anxiously look forward to watching the Cloud HQ Data Center “go vertical” and become operational. Thank you to Cloud HQ for choosing to build in Mount Prospect,” said Mayor Paul Hoefer, Village of Mount Prospect.