The telecommunications company; China Mobile International (CMI), has opened its newly built data center in the UK, which is the company’s first European facility.

This new CMI data center is sited in Slough Trading Estate in the UK with a floor area that currently accommodates more than 1,600 racks.

According to CMI, the new UK data center supports the “Belt and Road” initiative by providing increased connectivity for multinational businesses from Asia Pacific and Europe, which further strengthens the ties between both continents.

“In the big data era, data centers play a key role in facilitating information exchange. CMI provides professional one-stop-shop services, enabling enterprises worry-free opportunities to expand their business. Our UK data center provides a powerful platform to meet the needs of the financial sector, internet businesses and other digitalizing industries today and for the future,” said Dr Li Feng, chairman and CEO of China Mobile International Ltd.

The new data center is connected to the company’s Singapore facility which was opened in July. Located in Singapore Tai Seng Industrial Park, the CMI data center features about 2,100 racks with a gross area of 17,490 square meters.

Powered by such direct connections, the new data center can link to CMI’s Asia Pacific submarine cable systems, the SJC, APG and SJC2. This will enable connections within and between Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific.

“The opening of our new data center in the UK is the sign of CMI’s commitment to promoting secure and reliable high-speed connections around the world, and we continue to see strong customer demand for connectivity, cloud and content delivery solutions between Asia Pacific and Europe, but also with Middle East and Africa regions,” Dr Li said.

The next facility underway for CMI is a dedicated data center in Frankfurt, Germany which is currently under construction.