Colt fund Hyperscale Facility in India

CyrusOne investment plan to grow in Europe is still in full force, as they have announced that they are planning to build a new facility in the Netherlands.

The global data center real estate investment trust (REIT) has recently acquired 15-acres of land from Schipol Area Development Company (SADC), which is a developer of business parks located in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

More specifically it is located on SADC’s PolanenPark campus,  around 15 kilometers west of central Amsterdam.

With this newly acquired land, CyrusOne says that they intend to develop a new data center campus of about 360,000 square feet with an estimated 72MW of power capacity on site.

“For several years, SADC has been working closely with Amsterdam Airport Area and GreenIT Amsterdam to develop internationally competitive propositions for data centers,” says SADC area development manager Reinoud Fleurke.


“We are pleased to be able to offer CyrusOne a place and at the same time contribute to the sustainable growth of the data center sector and the digital economy.”

This October, CyrusOne also announced a partnership with Agriport A7 which consisted of the development of an 83-acre campus that would be able to have up to 270 MW, located approximately 25 kilometers north of Amsterdam.

CyrusOne is new to the European market, having acquired Zenium Data Centers for $442 million where they claimed four properties in London and Frankfurt with the capacity of almost 20 MW.

“CyrusOne’s success is driven by our core team’s ability and commitment to leverage our renowned modular design approach, since it is proven to be the data centre solution that provides customers with the highest quality data centre product, in record time and for the lowest cost,” says CyrusOne Europe president Tesh Durvasula.

“We are excited to continue our expansion in the Netherlands in partnership with the SADC team to develop a state of the art data centre campus at PolanenPark for our cloud and enterprise customers.”


CyrusOne executive vice president and chief strategy officer Jonathan Schildkraut is extremely confident in the future of the company in the European market. 

“By the end of 2019, we expect our European platform to provide nearly 250 megawatts of potential data center inventory, inclusive of both the Zenium platform together with our organic site development efforts, spread across four major markets, giving us one of the largest platforms in Europe…” says Schildkraut.

Also, as is has been the case with all new data centers in the current times, sustainability is an important factor. SADC and foundation Green IT Amsterdam have been collaborating since 2016 on the development of sustainable data centers in the MRA, so the new data center at PolanenPark of CyrusOne will be built according to the latest standards.