Colocation and managed cloud services provider DataBank, has announced the completion of its migration of zColo’s data center assets and customers to DataBank’s edge colocation and interconnect platform.

In 2020, DataBank acquired zColo, a Zayo Group company, which operated 44 data centers across 23 markets in the United States and United Kingdom, accelerating DataBank’s portfolio to become a leading privately-held data center provider in the U.S.

At the close of this acquisition transaction, the addition of zColo’s data center assets brought DataBank’s portfolio to offer colocation, connectivity, cloud and managed services through a total of 60+ data centers spread across 28 markets in the US and UK. The acquisition also included 13 interconnect locations across 23 markets in the US and Europe.

Since the close of this transaction in 2020, DataBank has been working on migrating these acquired assets and customer-base to its edge data center and connectivity platform.

Currently, DataBank boasts of offering its customers access to 1.7 million square feet of colocation space and 183MW of installed UPS capacity across 60+ data centers and 20 major network interconnect hubs.

“It’s important to DataBank that every customer receives the best service and user experience possible. As such, our team worked diligently to ensure that all customers are fully integrated into DataBank’s proven customer-focused service framework enabled by our world-class customer portal providing real time communications, interconnection management, access control, monitoring, and analytics,” said Vlad Friedman, CTO of DataBank.

“Through the migration process, we are proud to have also significantly elevated Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a core metric used in customer experience programs. Completing one of the largest integrations in our industry, while improving the customer experience is a testament to the deep dedication of our DataBank team and their proven integration capabilities.”

DataBank is already on the move to acquire another set of four existing data centers in Houston, Texas from CyrusOne. Priced at $670 million, the four Houston facilities is expected to further increase DataBank’s portfolio with the collective addition of more than 300,000 square feet of raised-floor data center capacity, and 42.5MW critical IT load capacity, as well as a roster of customers from the healthcare, financial, energy, media, and software sectors.