Data center colocation and connectivity provider DataBank, has just announced the expansion of its KC3 facility in Kansas City, establishing two new data halls (Hall 2 and Hall 3) on the facility.

According to DataBank, the expansion of its Kansas City KC3 facility includes the construction of a 9,300 square feet data center building known as Data Hall 2 and another data center building – Data Hall 3 which spans 8,050 square feet. As designed, each hall will deliver up to 1MW of power capacity.

“With the expansion of our KC3 facility, we will be building out Data Halls 2 and 3. The scope of the project includes adding 9,300 sq. ft. in Data Hall 2 and 8,050 sq. ft. in Data Hall 3 and adding an additional 2MW of capacity to the building,” said Tony Qorri, vice president of construction at DataBank.

“Kansas City is a market where we have demand and we’re looking to max out that facility by building out the other two data halls. This is a significant expansion that will triple the sellable white space across the footprint of the entire facility.”

This announcement is similar to DataBank’s Salt Lake City facility expansion last month where the company opened two new data halls numbered four and five in its SLC5 data center facility which are located on the DataBank’s Granite Point North campus complex in Bluffdale, Utah.

DataBank is also constructing a new Salt Lake City data center, code named SLC6, which is expected to meet the growing demand for mission-critical IT infrastructure in Utah and the Salt Lake City market. SLC6 is also joining SLC5 on DataBank’s Granite Point Campus.

Still on more expansion projects, DataBank recently announced the acquisition of a 34-acre land in Orangeburg, New York for the development of a new 30MW data center campus. This property gives DataBank a home for its New York City metro area’s fifth data center, a campus facility that is planned to span 200,000 square feet with 150,000 square feet of raised floor across five 6MW data halls.