Digital Realty has announced today it plans to develop a new 64MW data center facility in Seoul, South Korea. This data center will become Digital Realty’s second facility in the country.

Codenamed Digital Seoul 2 (ICN11), the new facility will be sited in the land parcel newly acquired by the company at Gurae-dong, Gimpo City in northwest Seoul. This site is about 23 kilometers from Digital Realty’s first facility in South Korea, Digital Seoul 1 (ICN10), which is currently under construction and scheduled for delivery in Q4 2021.

“South Korea is one of the world’s largest economies and represents a significant opportunity to extend coverage, capacity and connectivity options for the world’s leading enterprise customers and service providers. Our continued investment in the country supports the delivery of carrier-neutral solutions to enable the digital transformation strategies of local and global customers in the region,” said A. William Stein, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Realty.

“The launch of ICN11 is an integral part of our go-to-market strategy in South Korea and is expected to go a long way towards meeting the rapidly growing demand and bringing value for customers across the region,” said Jay Weon Khym, Digital Realty Country Manager for Korea.

“South Korea is one of the fastest growing data center markets in the region, driven by leading global service providers as well as local over-the-top and gaming companies. South Korea is a leading player on the global digital stage, and we expect the country’s new ‘Digital Deal’ investments in 5G, big data and artificial intelligence to drive greater demand for highly connected centers of data exchange,” said Mark Smith, Managing Director APAC for Digital Realty.  

As designed, the new Seoul data center is a multi-story carrier-neutral campus facility which is expected to span 970,000 square feet. According to Digital Realty, Digital Seoul 2 (ICN11) is scheduled to be fully operational by the first half of 2023.