Data center developer and operator, EcoDataCenter has today announced the launch of its new data center facility, located in Östersund, Sweden.

Codenamed EcoDataCenter 2, the new data center facility is planned to feature 32 acres of land and 20MW of IT load in phase one, which is scheduled to be ready by 2026. At the end of the project – which the company planned for 2033, the data center is expected to deliver 150MW of IT Capacity.

“We must rethink green infrastructure and dare to invest in collaborations that allow data centers to partner with other entities and be a part of our future society. The ambition of EcoDataCenter 2 is to set a new standard for data centers in Sweden, Europe, and even globally,” said Carl Romlin, Site Development Manager.

As announced, the new data center will be wooden-built, the electricity consumed will be 100% renewable and the facility planned to be design as a circular establishment right from the start, while EcoDataCenter expects to provide approximately 1,000 jobs yearly.

“EcoDataCenter 2 is the 2.0 of our EcoDataCenter 1. A new industrial establishment where we collaborate with partners who share our ambitions and goals. Our energy hub will work in perfect symbiosis with WA3RM. Jämtkraft will provide green energy, which will help electrify the municipality of Östersund,” continued Carl Romlin.

Recently, Green Mountain announced that it entered into an agreement with energy company, KMW, to establish a new 54MW data center site in Mainz, Germany. Codenamed FRA1-Mainz, the new facility is planned to feature three data center buildings with a PUE below 1.3 and 25,000 square meter land parcel, situated in an already existing industrial area adjacent to KMW’s power plants.

Data4, also recently announced its plan to build a new data center campus in Germany through an investment of more than one billion euros. The new site is planned to deliver 180MW load capacity and to be built on Data4’s newly acquired 25-hectare of land, located on the Grossauheim barracks site – a former US military base in Hanau, a town near Frankfurt.