Hyperscale data center solutions provider EdgeConneX, has just announced a multi-market expansion plan to provide additional critical capacity to six of its facilities across North American markets.

For the first phase of these expansions, the company plans to add a total of about 20MW of new capacity across its existing footprint in the Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Miami, Detroit, and Chicago markets. With the execution of this plan, EdgeConneX expects the expanded facilities to support the demand for network, content and cloud solutions in their respective markets.

“We have always focused on building data centers where, when and how our customers want capacity to support their business,” said Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX.

“Our strategy of listening to our customers to provide tailored solutions for them that span hyperlocal to hyperscale data centers is what makes us unique. These planned expansions, necessitated by the growing volume, variety and velocity of data our customers are driving, highlight the accelerating need for digital infrastructure and capacity to best support their customers.”

EdgeConneX further announced that it has capacity expansions planned for more markets across the U.S., looking to offer its customers additional service ecosystems and network access offerings, similar to those delivered throughout the company’s other global markets.

Prior to the unveiling of this plan, EdgeConneX announced that Hurricane Electric, a global IPv4 and IPv6-native Internet backbone, has established 13 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) across EdgeConneX data center footprint which include Munich, Warsaw, Toronto, Phoenix, Santa Clara, Atlanta, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Portland, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

“We often reference the edge being as proximate to the end-user as possible, but there is, in fact, a ‘new edge’ to consider,” said Aron Smith, Vice President of Interconnection Product Management at EdgeConneX.

“The ‘new edge’ could even be looked at as ‘Edge to the Home’ as a more distributed workforce becomes the norm. We continue to address this evolving demand by bringing our considerable edge partner ecosystem to the front doors of innovators and digital transformers everywhere, be it a business or remote worker location.”