Owner and operator of multi-tenant edge computing facilities, EdgePresence, has announced the opening of its new flagship edge data center (EdgePod™) in Orlando, Florida.

The new EdgePod™ in Orlando is a 15-cabinet edge data center and the first to be deployed by EdgePresence in the Florida market. Surpassing EdgePresence’s initial lease-up projections, the Orlando facility reached 100% occupancy within two weeks of deployment, having customers that include Internet Service Providers, Fiber Carriers and a Mobile Network Operator.

“During the deployment of our flagship EdgePod™, we learned a great deal about our customer needs as well as our deployment capabilities,” said Doug Recker, Founder and CEO of EdgePresence.

“Through continuous development iterations, including, soliciting feedback and input from customers and recommendations on design from our deployment partners, we have demonstrated a great outcome for our customers and the broader developing ecosystem that has provided EdgePresence with a roadmap for future deployments and insights for a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model.”

With the presence of four major fiber carriers installed as tenants at the Orlando EdgePod™ site, EdgePresence states that it has created a unique peering and interconnection environment outside of a traditional large data center facility.

EdgePresence further announced that it plans to deploy four additional EdgePods™ in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, California markets in the next 90 days. The Washington DC site is at the National Landing Smart City and the company confirmed that it has already secured agreements with customers to account for 70% capacity.

EdgePresence has multiple locations across the United States which are anchored at the base of cell towers. One of such edge facilities is the Statesboro Edge data center which is SOC II certified and deployed to serve local businesses, as well as national companies operating in the region. According to EdgePresence, this facility is the first multi-tenant data center available in Statesboro.