Elea Digital has just announced the completion of the first phase of its multi-MW hyperscale data center deployment in Porto Alegre, Brazil, three weeks ahead of schedule.

Codenamed POA2, the facility was acquired by Elea Digital in September, 2022, with an existing point of presence of TIM (TIMS3) in the site, upon which the company built the new capacity. The new facility also marks the company’s second site in the city of Porto Alegre, with the first one named POA1.

“We are thrilled to announce the new availability weeks ahead of schedule. It is not easy to deliver on time a new site in this challenging environment where the supply chain is somewhat disrupted,” said Alessandro Lombardi, President of Elea Digital.

Located in the 4th District, POA2 is stated to be built upon a 4000 square meters secure building, delivering 1MW capacity which is planned to reach the size of 7MW at full capacity, while serving large international and national clients as well as contributing to the digitalization of the Southern Region of Brazil.

“If we compare our government to a train, the locomotive would be economic development and digital innovation. This will make the city inclusive and guarantee social protection for those who need it most. This is what we want when moving forward with the project for the 4th District and for other regions of Porto Alegre,” said the mayor of Porto Alegre.

According Elea Digital, the engineering design of the site, was performed in partnership with English firm Future Tech, and it claimed to have foreseen a low WUE combined with 1.5 planned PUE.

Recently, Cumulus Data also announced the completion of key milestones in the construction of phase 1 of its flagship 475MW data center campus, located in northeast Pennsylvania, United States. As announced, the construction of the powered shell for its first 48-megawatt, 300,000 square foot data center is complete and available for lease.