Equinix fourth data center in Germany

It’s obvious that Equinix is not wasting time in expanding their company in 2019. On the firsts days of the new year, the global interconnection giant revealed their plans for a new seven-story data center in Singapore for the cool sum of US$85 million. That would become the fourth one in that country.


And now, the company has revealed that they have made a purchase of a commercial building in Hamburg Germany for $11 million, where they would be investing $25 million more for the redevelopment of the space that would become the phase one of their project that is expansion in the area with new data centers.

The new facility is set to be named the Equinix HH1 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center and has the goal to extend the Equinix’s reach into its fourth market within Germany. This is a needed move, as the company says is justified by the growing demand for digital infrastructure connectivity throughout all of Europe.

Equinix plans to refurbish the two-story industrial building (which measures around 12,000 square meters) and redecorate the space into an interconnection and carrier-neutral colocation environment, which would consist of 375 cabinets in phase one and with the capability of expansion to a total of 1,875 cabinets at full build.

Equinix’s purchase of the new facility was finalized in December 28 of 2018, and it is expected that the new data center will be open for business in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

“The German economy continues to be a source of strength in Europe, and demand for interconnection continues to rise to meet the IT transformation needs of businesses,” says Equinix EMEA president Eric Schwartz.

“By expanding to a fourth market in Germany, Equinix will provide multinational customers with greater choice of where they build their digital edge.”

It’s obvious that Equinix’s interest in Hamburg has a relation with the number of population of the city, that reaches up to five million citizens as well as being the second largest city in Germany. According to Equinix, there is also a growing technology community in the area, that includes several e-commerce companies that demand low latency, increased bandwidth and connectivity.

The company firmly declares that the building is going to be perfect to fulfill those needs as it is strategically located in proximity to the North Sea, which provides easy access for subsea cable landing stations. They already have sealed more than 20 subsea cable landing deals in the past recent years.

The company significant presence in Germany has to do with their current nine data centers facilities already serving more than 900 companies across in Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, and soon to be also in Hamburg.

Equinix has already devoted to investing more than $150 million in organic expansion of their German data centers for the fiscal upcoming year.