Equinix has just announced the opening of its new International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center, as an expansion of the company’s Dallas Infomart campus.

The $142 million facility DA11 is the ninth data center for Equinix in the Dallas metro area, and the second building on its Dallas Infomart campus. The facility is a four-story data center designed to deliver both small- and large-capacity deployments for companies or businesses seeking to rapidly scale their infrastructure by adopting hybrid multicloud architectures and interconnecting with business partners within the Platform Equinix® global ecosystem.

“We are seeing significant customer demand in Dallas as enterprises look to increase their business offerings through implementing IT infrastructures that are able to keep pace with the continually evolving digital landscape. We are thrilled to bring our ninth facility to the Dallas campus online in this increasingly important and growing market,” said Jon Lin, President of Equinix Americas.

The first phase of DA11 has a capacity of 1,975 cabinets and colocation space of approximately 72,000 square feet. Upon completion of all planned phases, the data center is expected to provide a total capacity of more than 3,850 cabinets and colocation space of over 144,000 square feet.

Along with this data center opening, Equinix launched its new 5G and Edge Proof of Concept Center (POCC). As announced, the POCC will provide a 5G and edge “sandbox” environment that enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), cloud platforms, technology vendors and enterprises to directly connect with Equinix large edge data center platform in order to test, demonstrate and accelerate complex 5G and edge deployment and interoperability scenarios.

In the Americas, Equinix now operates more than 90 IBX data centers located in Brazil, Canada – where it recently acquired 25 data centers, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Globally, Platform Equinix is comprised of over 210 IBX data centers across 56 markets that spans 26 countries.