Equinix, Inc. has just announced the expansion of its Asian portfolio with its fifth International Business Exchange™ (IBX) data center in Singapore, to be named SG5.

Equinix SG5 is a new purpose-built, nine-story facility that will be located at the Tanjong Kling data center park. With four current IBX data centers spread across the city-island-nation, SG5 is expected to strengthen Equinix’s cross-island presence and bolster Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative.

“As the global economy and the Asia-Pacific region continue to grow, we see a strong demand for digital infrastructure to support business growth. This is especially evident in Singapore, which is proving to be a key hub for digital business in the region,” said Jeremy Deutsch, President, Equinix Asia-Pacific.

“Traditional infrastructure is struggling to keep up with this digital demand, leading enterprises to explore hybrid and multicloud options to further their transformation. The SG5 IBX data center aims to create more opportunities for enterprises in the region to build a strong digital foundation, enabling them to develop into the digital leaders of tomorrow.”

With an initial investment of $144 million, the first phase of SG5 is expected to have a capacity for 1,300 cabinets and approximately 18,400 square feet of colocation space. Upon full build, the data center is planned to accommodate approximately 5,000 cabinets, with a total colocation space of about 129,000 square feet.

In Asia-Pacific, Equinix currently has 46 IBX data centers spread across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Singapore. The company claims to have used 75% renewable energy in Asia-Pacific as at Q3 2020, and SG5 is expected to maintain this margin through the adoption of a number of green features such as motion-activated LED lights, automated control and regulation of motors, as well as hot aisle containment and ceiling plenum infrastructure.

The first phase of SG5 is scheduled to open in the first half 2021, providing an initial capacity for about 1,300 cabinets.