Equinix, Inc. has just announced the expansion of its International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center portfolio with the development of a new facility in Paris, France.

Codenamed PA10, the new data center will be the tenth data center opened by Equinix in Paris over the course of 20 years. With plans to invest US$163 million as an initial build cost, PA10 adds to a total investment from Equinix in France’s digital infrastructure of over US$1 Billion to date.

“In support of the Choose France initiative, today’s investment and expansion serves to bolster the country’s digital infrastructure capabilities, providing local and multi-national corporations with a foundational source of differentiation and the global platform needed to thrive in today’s digital economy. Equinix is connecting digital leaders, enabling them to simplify operations, improve customer experience and accelerate the launch of new products and services,” said Charles Meyers, President and CEO at Equinix.

PA10 forms part of Equinix’s Saint-Denis campus, and as announced, Phase 1 of PA10 is expected to provide 3,775 square meters of colocation space and 1,525 cabinet capacity. Upon completion of all planned phases, the full site is expected to generate 5,775 square meters of colocation space with approximately 2,250 cabinet capacity.

While the new Paris data center is planned to utilize 100% renewable energy, the facility also incorporates multiple sustainability initiatives, including a heat recovery technology that will recover energy from customer equipment and transfer it to the urban heating network, and in turn, heat the local community swimming pool.

More interestingly, the rooftop of the PA10 will be home to a greenhouse of 430 square meters in which fruits and vegetables will be grown. The rooftop garden is further expected to help retain rainwater and reduce the amount of water directed to the sewer, in addition to reducing waste heat emissions.