DMP Data Center in SA

The European data management firm DMP (Data Management Professionals) has just launched its first African Data center in South Africa.

This is DMP’s fifth data center facility with the first four in Europe. The company which started in the Netherlands over 10years ago, has grown to include branches in Germany, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom and now South Africa.

DMP South Africa is the company’s first venture into the African market. This is a move that the company’s CTO, Eric Evers, hoped will open up a number of new opportunities to DMP.

DMP South Africa now offers a comprehensive range of data management support and services, including its pay-per-use Data Management as a Service (DMaaS). According to the company, the DMaaS model is an attractive and affordable option for the South African mid-market and enterprises alike.

“The move into South Africa is a highly strategic one for us as it is a fast-growing market that has many synergies with Europe,” said Evers.

The new DMP data center is sited in Johannesburg from where it now offers fully managed services and solutions to customers across the country, beyond into Africa, as well as reaching the Middle East.

“By establishing a footprint in South Africa we can now offer services and solutions to local organizations from a local provider that has international experience and expertise. We will be deploying our offering utilizing the same blueprint that we have perfected over the years with our European rollouts,” DMP added.

South Africa is experiencing an influx of data center providers especially, since the passing of its Data Protection Act. Of recent, Microsoft cloud services Azure, opened their facility in the country which came 24 hours after the launch of Huawei facility. AWS had announced plans to also take its place in the region which is expected in the coming year.

DMP South Africa is hosted on Teraco’s infrastructure – a South African data center provider, where they claim to be assured of full power redundancy, stable service delivery and fast recovery.

Iniel Dreyer, Managing Director of DMP South Africa concludes thus, “One of the failings of international offerings around data management is a lack of understanding of the unique nature of the African market. As a South African organization, we understand the culture and the economy, as well as the challenges in the market, and we can tailor our data management offerings to suit. We look forward to giving customers the benefit of a bespoke local offering backed by international support, standard and best practices.”