Colocation provider Flexential, has announced it plans to build a 358,000 square foot data center on the company’s Hillsboro, Oregon Campus.

Joining the company’s FlexAnywhere™ ecosystem, the new 36MW data center will be developed on a 20 acre land outside of Portland metropolitan area, adding to its Pacific Northwest campus. This project also marks Flexential’s largest data center expansion to date, which is expected to meet its infrastructure needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“In a time when some companies are scaling back, Flexential is moving forward with a multi-million dollar investment in our infrastructure, building our largest data center to date, providing inventory and low latency connections for our customers to manage their technology and SaaS requirements,” said Chris Downie, CEO of Flexential.

“The mounting customer demand and disruption to the supply chain are making cloud and connectivity even more relevant in areas such as healthcare, transportation, technology and financial services. We are adding solutions and expanding capacity to meet the current and anticipated needs to support this new way of doing business during and after the pandemic.”

Known as the Portland-Hillsboro 3 data center, the new facility will complement the two existing Flexential data centers on the campus to offer its customers a total of about 700,000 square feet of space and approximately 60MW of IT power.

“Flexential was the first colocation company to build in Hillsboro 20 years ago and has continued to innovate and grow ever since, making significant investments and providing critical infrastructure services to the region,” said Dan Dias, director, Economic and Community Development, Hillsboro, Oregon.

“Over the years, the company provided new services to its data centers, including a cloud on ramp and connections to several subsea cables. We look forward to Flexential being a part of our community for years to come.”

The new data center will connect to Flexential’s Portland-Hillsboro 2 data center, which is also scheduled for expansion this month, adding 66,000 square feet of colocation space and about 5MW of power capacity.

As announced, the new Portland-Hillsboro 3 data center is now available under pre-lease while Flexential plans to break ground this summer and open the facility in 2021.