Google Cloud has just announced the opening of its new data center region in Toronto, Canada with the offering of its Cloud Platform (GCP) products, including Compute Engine, App Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Bigtable, Spanner, and BigQuery.

The new Toronto cloud region joins Google Cloud flagship facility in Montreal which was opened in 2018, making it the second cloud region in Canada. The new facility also joins 27 existing Google Cloud interconnected regions across the globe.

“We’re working to bring you new cloud products and capabilities in Canada, and our goal is to allow you to access those services quickly and easily—wherever you might be in the country. The past year has proved how important easy access to digital infrastructure, technical education, training and support are to helping businesses respond to the pandemic,” said Jim Lambe, Managing Director, Canada, Google Cloud.

“We’re particularly proud of the teams who faced the unique challenges of building a cloud region during this time to help our customers and community accelerate their digital transformation.  To support all of our users, customers and government organizations in Canada, we’ll continue to invest in new infrastructure, engineering support and solutions.”

The new Toronto cloud region which features three availability zones – is expected to support businesses in continuity planning through the provision of distributed infrastructure needed to meet IT and business requirements for disaster recovery and data sovereignty.

2 months ago, Google Cloud announced the opening of its second cloud region in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR), India, which is expected to serve customers and the public sector in the country and across Asia Pacific. With its first cloud region located in Mumbai, Google Cloud India regions both have the feature of three availability zones.

In April, Google Cloud also opened a new region in Warsaw, Poland, which is a fulfilment of the plan announced in September 2019, a plan that is accompanied by a partnership with Poland’s Domestic Cloud Provider (DCP) to resell Google Cloud services in Poland and build managed services capabilities around Google Cloud.