A fire that broke-out on Wednesday morning at OVHCloud data center in Strasbourg, France, has been reported to completely destroy a data center SBG2 and damaged part of a second one SBG1 on the campus.

With over a hundred fire fighter at the scene, the fire was eventually put out before causing further damages, protecting the remaining facilities and data centers (SBG3 and SBG4) on the campus. However, no lives were lost in the incident or during the fire control operations.

“We have a major incident on SBG2. The fire declared in the building. Fire fighters were immediately on the scene but could not control the fire in SBG2. The whole site has been isolated which impacts all services in SGB1-4. We recommend to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan,” said Octave Klaba, chairman and founder of OVH.

“Fire destroyed SBG2. A part of SBG1 is destroyed. Firefighters are protecting SBG3. No impact [on] SBG4.”

The Connection with Google Outage in Russia

It happened on the same day that users in Russia experienced an outage with Google services including Youtube. Wednesday was also the set day for the restriction of access to Twitter as announced by Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor.

Although Google has not officially disclosed the reason for its services outage on Wednesday, some users alleged that Google was impacted by the sanctions on Twitter which includes deliberately slowing down the speed of Twitter by the Russian government.

However, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision in Telecom, IT and Mass Communications stated that the Google outage was caused by the fire incident in OVHCloud data center in France which is a major European infrastructure and cloud provider.

Back to France

OVHCloud announced that it has reserve infrastructures at the company’s other data centers which includes a stock of new servers at the Roubaix and Gravelines sites, ready to be delivered to the majority of affected customers. The company further plans for the production of nearly 10,000 new servers in the coming weeks.