Norway-based colocation data center provider, Green Mountain, has just announced that it started the construction of a new 10MW expansion at its OSL1-Enebakk data center campus.

The new facility is planned to be a two-storey 5800 square meter building, that is to be dedicated a client – an international cloud provider, who uses two already existing buildings on the campus. The new building will be physically connected to the client’s already existing buildings, as stated by the company, bringing the total footprint of the client to 18 MW.

“We are very excited about all the activity going on at our Enebakk campus right now. Especially, that our client has renewed their trust in us and chosen to expand their activities here.”  said Svein Atle Hagaseth, CEO of Green Mountain.

As announced, the ‘International client’ also holds a 13.5 MW colocation facility, in addition to the new data center project. The 13.5MW facility was completed in December 2022, and offers 10,000 Meter Square three-story building, as well as 1,300 Meter Square of white space on each floor.

“Norway is truly beginning to make its mark in the data center industry. The country’s value proposition of renewable and affordable power, strong connectivity, competent workforce and stable framework conditions resonate well with international clients. Based on the positive feedback we receive in the market, I expect a steep growth curve also in the years to come,” continued Hagaseth.

According to Green Mountain, CTS Nordics has been chosen as the Design & Build contractor for the 10 MW expansion project. The contractor plans to use modular builds to construct and connect the buildings, however, the project is estimated to be operational from May 2024.

Green Mountain, also recently announced that it entered into an agreement with energy company, KMW, to establish a new 54MW data center site in Mainz, Germany. Codenamed FRA1-Mainz, the new data center site is planned to feature three data center buildings with a PUE below 1.3, on a 25,000 square meter land parcel, situated in an already existing industrial area adjacent to KMW’s power plants.