H5 Data Centers has announced an expansion of its downtown Atlanta data center facility to support the need of a major Internet and Cable TV service provider.

As announced, the data center expansion will include build-out of more than 20,000 square feet of data center space which will support the delivery of 3MW total power capacity and expected to meet Tier III data center infrastructure requirement.

“Atlanta is one of the fastest growing data center and interconnection markets. 345 Courtland hosts numerous long haul fiber cables and provides a key network access alternative to 56 Marietta and 180 Peachtree. H5 Data Centers’ new data center space will help support Atlanta’s peering and interconnection community and edge data center requirements,” said Josh Simms, founder and CEO of H5 Data Centers.

Atlanta seem to be experiencing significant increase in data center infrastructure demand as in just the last quarter of this year; hyperscale data center provider QTS Realty Trust, announced the opening of its second data center on the company’s Atlanta Metro campus. Codenamed DC2, the newly commissioned 72MW QTS data center spans 495,000 gross square feet and it is sited adjacent to the company’s 200MW Atlanta-Metro facility DC1.

In November, Serverfarm announced the addition of 110,000 square feet of new capacity at its Atlanta data center, enabling the facility to offer up to 14MW of IT load capacity. Located in Suwanee, Georgia, Serverfarm acquired the data center in 2017 which has since then, served as an enterprise data center to a global technology company that only occupied about a quarter of the available capacity in the building.

About two weeks ago, DataBank also announced the expansion of its Atlanta data center ATL3 and Dallas Fort Worth data center DFW3. With this expansion projects, DataBank plans to add more than 22,000 square feet of data center space to its ATL3 facility, bringing the total capacity of the Atlanta site to about 44,000 square feet of white space.