Interxion, a Digital Realty company, has just announced the start of construction for MRS4, its fourth data center in Marseille, France, expanding its European footprint and the global footprint of PlatformDIGITAL®.

Located on France’s leading port, the company intends to leverage the presence of connectivity providers, hybrid IT providers, and the submarine landing cable station and internet hub in the region.

When fully built out, the new data center is expected to offer up to 13.6MW of customer load capacity and approximately 6,700 square meters of total equipped space. Interconnected to the other data center sites on Interxion’s Marseille campus, the addition of MRS4 will bring the total equipped space to 23,000 square meters.

“Today, Marseille is the world’s ninth largest internet hub, after Miami and ahead of Los Angeles in the US. Together with Paris, Marseille is strengthening the attractiveness of our region on the global digital map. MRS4 will support this development, and the ambition to become one of the top five internet hubs in the world within two years,”said Fabrice Coquio, Managing Director of Interxion France.

“This success, which is driving Marseille’s development and providing it with global visibility, comes with a sense of responsibility too, which is why we have paid particular attention to the design of the building, in terms of sustainability and playing our part in helping to make the port of Marseille more smart, digital and connected.”

While in the process of receiving certification for the overall environmental performance of the building, the design for MRS4 features a river-cooling solution that uses a local renewable energy resource, and once operational, the new data center will be part of Digital Realty’s global commitment to reduce its direct emissions by 68% and its indirect emissions by 24% by 2030 which further aligns with its France carbon neutral target.