Interxion third data center in London

Despite the thoughts about Brexit affecting London in some ways, there is still a good amount of activity with no shortage of demand in relation to technology.

This week Interxion, the European provider of carrier and cloud-neutral colocation data center services showed their confidence on the local market after the official opening of its new and third data center in London, that accordingly is named LON3.

This new facility comes equipped with 1,800 square meters of usable space, which the company fully confident that it will help more businesses being able to obtain benefits of positioning their infrastructure in Europe’s largest city.

In relation of the location, LON3 is a part of Interxion’s inner-city campus which is positioned between the Square Mile and Tech City. This has work out to be a great strategic location, as the company says this is one of the reasons why they have more than 200 capital markets participants on the area to as they happen to have chosen Interxion for their services as a data center.

London is the third largest data center market in the world – according to CBRE, which is United States Commercial Real Estate Services. London had an accumulated 438MW of colocation capacity at the end of 2017. The city serves as a means of access to Europe, as well as benefiting from a large number of trans-Atlantic submarine cables that land in the UK.

At their campus there are also located: the London-based Internet Exchange Point (LONAP), LINX which happens to be the UK’s largest Internet Exchange, along with eight major content delivery networks (CDNs).

Interxion CEO David Ruberg says LON3 provides access to over 90 connectivity providers, which includes private network access to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, CityCloud and BT’s IP network.

 “LON3 is the latest expansion in a year that has seen Interxion open and expand multiple data centers across Europe,” says Ruberg.


“One of the critical drivers in our success is the way we partner with our customers. In London, financial services is a very strong community where participants derive great value from being located in close proximity to one another within our data centers and all of our customers benefit from the strong communities of interest we have developed in the connectivity segment.”

Interxion UK managing director Andrew Fray comments that the campus offers direct access to broadband subscribers across the continent while minimizing the latency to local and international markets. This makes it the home to growing groups across the financial services, digital media and cloud sector.

“We welcome organizations from all over the world that choose London as their gateway to the hyper-connected global market,” says Fray.



“With the added value of our communities of interest, many businesses choose our campus to interconnect with industry peers, partners and suppliers. The launch of LON3 allows us to continue to diversify our customer base.”