Data center service provider Iron Mountain, has announced the expansion of its VA-2 data center in Manassas, Virginia, expecting the facility to support 36MW, up from 30MW load capacity.

This expansion is propelled by a new 20MW multi-year lease which the company has just signed with an existing U.S. based customer in the VA-2 data center facility. With this, Iron Mountain has now signed new and expansion leases of approximately 44MW to date, exceeding its previous target of at least 30MW for the full-year 2021.

“We continue to see strong demand for comprehensive data center solutions from our existing customer base. This 20 megawatt lease is indicative of our continued ability to support that demand and it reflects our commitment to strategically partner with our customers to meet their individual requirements,” said Mark Kidd, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Iron Mountain Data Centers.

“Partnering with our customers in order to meet their individual needs is a key part of our core values and necessary to keep pace with our collective growth strategies. Offering a varied capacity portfolio enables us to meet the demands of both our retail customers as well as our hyperscale clients. The balance also enables us to effectively manage lease commencement dates and backlog revenue to manage our future growth,” said Dottie Spruce, Head of Global Accounts at Iron Mountain Data Centers.

In August 2021, Iron Mountain announced the signing of a 2.4MW lease agreement with an enterprise software provider at its WPA-1 data center in Boyers, Pennsylvania. WPA-1 is developed on a 200-acre site with the facility being constructed about 220 feet underground, and having a total potential IT capacity of more than 15MW.

In December 2020, the company announced the signing of another 6MW data center pre-lease agreement with a US-based customer at its AZP-2 data center in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to this agreement, Iron Mountain announced the initial 6MW deal with this customer, which was expected to commence in the third quarter of 2021, hence doubling the customer’s lease capacity.

As announced, the latest lease on VA-2 data center is expected to commence in phases from mid-2022 through mid-2023.