Microsoft Corporation has just announced it plans to develop a new data center region in Chile, which will join the company’s global cloud infrastructure.

Microsoft plans to provide Chilean businesses with its cloud offerings including Microsoft 365, which enables people and businesses to connect, collaborate, work remotely and learn online; and Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, which enables organizations to build and manage critical enterprise business solutions at scale with intelligent business applications.

Tagged “Transforma Chile #ReactivacionDigital”, this announcement was made by Brad Smith, Microsoft President; and Sergio Rademacher, Microsoft Chile GM; alongside Sebastián Piñera, President of the Republic; and Lucas Palacios, Minister of the Republic. As mentioned, this expansion plan marks the company’s most significant investment in its 28-year history in Chile.

“We aren’t building a data center just to power our own business, but to provide a critical investment in Chile’s infrastructure that will serve all the people who live here and customers who operate here,” said Brad Smith, Microsoft President.

“Just as railways, power plants, highways, and airports helped Chile move into the future, today’s data centers have become the cutting-edge infrastructure of the 21st century. Our data centers near Santiago will make computing more accessible at even faster speeds, providing a new and secure platform for every part of the economy and supporting President Piñera’s and Chile’s ambitious digital agenda.”

According to Microsoft, the Chile data center region will also support its sustainability goals, including a commitment to shift to 100% supply of renewable energy in Microsoft data centers by 2025. The region is as well expected to deliver Azure Availability Zones, which can enable cloud applications to be more available with additional tolerance to data center failures.

Furthermore, Microsoft made a digital skilling commitment for up to 180,000 Chileans by 2025. The company promises citizens and startups the opportunity to participate in online trainings that will build their technology skillset, such as the Fundación Chile, Innovacien and Trust for the Americas.