Nautilus Data Technologies has announced that it is developing its new data center facility on a 13-acre site in Millinocket, Maine, a rural area designated as one of seven Qualified Opportunity Zones in Penobscot County with federal tax advantages to attract investments.

With plans to build a 60MW data center facility in Millinocket, Nautilus will be the first tenant on the site of the Great Northern Paper Company since it closed in 2008. As announced, Nautilus and the site owner “Our Katahdin” executed a 99-year lease that allows engineering, permitting, site development, and project financing to immediately begin.

“Nautilus is leading the way to a new level of technical and environmental performance in our increasingly data-dependent world. Our advances in digital infrastructure will help deliver outcomes that enhance people’s lives by accelerating social welfare, improving the environmental, and closing the digital divide,” said James Connaughton, Chief Executive Officer of Nautilus.

For this data center project, Nautilus plans to invest a total of $300 million while leveraging federal tax incentives. The facility is further designed to use its patented water-cooling systems TRUE™ and 100% hydroelectric power both to support conventional computing, green operations and improved energy, water, and environmental performance.

“With the help of Nautilus, Maine is demonstrating that we can be a global leader in building pioneering digital technologies that will create jobs and strengthen our economy in an environmentally-sustainable way,” said Governor Janet Mills.

“This significant investment and new facility mark another important step forward in the revitalization of the former mill site and are further proof that sustainable innovation can power long-term economic growth in rural Maine.”

Nautilus also intends to use “Three Ring Binder” fiber-optic network to offer customers low latency connections to major commercial and digital hubs including New York, Chicago, Ireland, and London.

The first phase of the Maine data center project is expected to be commissioned and open to customers by late 2022.

Nautilus Data Technologies is known to be a floating data center developer and just opened its 7MW Stockton data center built on the deck of a barge on the San Joaquin River at the Port of Stockton, California.