The Australia based data center operator NEXTDC has just announced that it has received formal planning consent to proceed with the construction of its new hyperscale technology campus, located in Melbourne’s west.

 Codenamed M3, the new technology campus is located in West Footscray, approximately 10km west of Melbourne’s CBD claimed to be prominently close to a major electricity substation as well as telecommunications, utilities, and public infrastructure with the intention of providing data center services to hyperscale cloud providers in a new Availability Zone within the Melbourne market.

Also announced is the company’s acquisition of an additional 40,000 square meters of adjoining land, expected to further bolster the already expansive M3 site. In full, the M3 site is to span a 100,000 square meters as well as target 150MW of critical capacity at full fitout. In addition, M3 is expected to help customers house their mission critical operation centers, administrative offices and collaboration spaces within the hyperscale hub. 

“The upgraded plans for our new hyperscale technology campus in Melbourne is driven by ongoing demand for premium quality data centers, which is the infrastructure is needed to power organizations evolving Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud architectures. West Footscray is an emerging digital hub, and we are excited for the future as we expand our offering and support our customers with dual availability zone solutions across M1, M2 and this new M3 technology campus,” said Craig Scroggie chief executive officer of NEXTDC.

According to NEXTDC, the second facility on the Melbourne campus M2 will also continue to undergo further expansion, directly interconnecting with M1 and M3 to support Victorian organizations as well as to enable enterprise and government customers to scale their critical infrastructure platforms in Australia.

M3 is expected to be built and certified to NEXTDC’s premium Uptime Tier IV resilience standards as well as implement the company’s energy efficiency and sustainability plan. Already, ground works and base building construction at M3 have begun, with practical completion planned for the first half of 2023.