Netherlands-headquartered data center provider, NorthC Datacenters, has just announced that it has commence the construction of a new data center in Eindhoven.

To be operational in October 2023, the new data center is being built on a total surface area of over 4000 Meter Square, located next to NorthC’s existing data center at Eindhoven High Tech Campus (HTC), marking the company’s second data center in the city.  

“The Eindhoven/Brabant region is one of the fastest growing innovation regions in the Netherlands and is a key region for companies developing new services for digital transformation. Our existing data center at the High-Tech Campus Eindhoven is at capacity, which is why we are now building a second data center to serve both existing and new customers,” said Alexandra Schless, CEO of NorthC Datacenters

As announced, the new data center is planned to deliver 4.5MW of IT load when fully operational, and is to feature latest technological innovations including advanced emergency power generators that can run on green hydrogen as well as on natural gas. Furthermore, the new data center is to be directly connected to the existing NorthC data center in Eindhoven and is also to be connected to its Region Connect Ring – use to links all of their data center locations via a dedicated high-speed fiber optic connection.

“During construction, we will focus achieving the highest levels of sustainability, in every possible way. This follows our ambition to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. In this way, we also support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals, as their IT environment will run significantly more efficient and sustainable in this data center than in an in-house data center,” continued Alexandra Schless.

Earlier this year, NorthC Expanded into Switzerland with the acquisition of Netrics, a data center and connectivity services provider, with a portfolio of two data centers in Münchenstein (near Basel) and one data center in Biel, and a total floor space of about 13,000 square meters with over 7.5MW power capacity, however, the transaction was subject to customary terms and conditions.