Data center company Novva Data Centers, has just announced its acquisition of a 37 acre campus in Colorado which houses a 190,000 square foot tier III data center facilities as well as an industrial building.

Located in Colorado Springs, the newly acquired property features a data center with 6MW designed capacity and Novva intends to expand the site to a 30MW campus, providing an additional 250,000 square feet of data center space with a planned investment of $200 million. Already, Novva has secured an anchor tenant while announcing that the Inventory is immediately available for lease.

“We are really excited to move into the Colorado market. Our mission at Novva is to serve the Western United States, providing purpose built designs, high capacity data center services to the area and our customers. This facility will be a great addition to our portfolio and we look forward to further growth in these markets,” said Wes Swenson, CEO of Novva Data Centers.

According to Novva, Colorado Springs is currently undergoing a large shift away from coal towards solar energy, offering reliable and inexpensive power which the company intends to take advantage of with a plan to shift to 100% renewable energy, and waterless cooling at the site.

The company also announced that it will open its new Utah hyperscale campus this month which has been under construction since last year. This facility is also expected to serve as Novva’s global headquarters upon completion while providing about 1.5 million square feet of built data center space and 180MW of load capacity.

With the plan of hosting a ribbon cutting event on September 21st, the new Utah facility will showcase its use of waterless cooling system, renewable energy, drone and robot dog facility monitoring, – with the expectation of serving a large array of customers and supporting large capacity deployments.

With the new acquisition of the $38.5 million campus site, Novva is further expanding its footprint in the United States and looks forward to serving more markets in the country with the opening of its hyperscale Utah campus.