The new global data centers division of NTT Ltd., has just announced the expansion of its worldwide co-location data center footprint with the development of nine new facilities across markets in India, the UK, Japan, US, Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Organizations today demand an ever-expanding global platform to reach their growing digital business objectives. That’s why we continue to expand our portfolio of the best data centers in new and existing markets that complement our global geographic footprint,” said Masaaki Moribayashi, Senior Executive Vice President of Services at NTT Ltd.

“All our new data centers will be set up for clients to use renewable energy if they choose, as NTT invests in a sustainable future for our planet. Our data centers are strategically located to support interconnected ecosystems around the world’s most important business and government hubs and will include the latest data center technology for security, reliability and energy efficiency.”

In India, NTT will soon open the third data center in its Chandivali campus. Code-named Mumbai 7, the new Data Center is expected to be ready in Q3 2020, offering 25MW of IT load capacity and bringing the total campus capacity to 61MW. This data center is about 15-minute drive from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai.

The London facility is a 64MW data center upon full build, and sited in Dagenham, east London, close to London’s Docklands – UK’s Internet hub. NTT plans to make 8MW load capacity available at the opening of this data center which is scheduled for Q3 2020.

Tokyo is also expecting a new NTT data center which the company said will be completed and ready for customers in Q3 2020.

In Hillsboro, Oregon, US, NTT is developing the first phase of its Hillsboro 1 Data Center which will go live with an IT load capacity of 6MW in Q3 2020. According to the company, pre-leasing of the data center space has begun.

Also in the US, NTT is constructing its fifth data center in Ashburn, Virginia. The two-story Ashburn 5 Data Center will offer 32MW, with 8MW expected to be ready in Q3 2020. This will bring NTT total Ashburn capacity to 108MW upon full build.

Coming to Germany, NTT has completed the shell of its second building within the Munich data center campus. The new facility is scheduled to open in Q4 2020, binging the campus total IT load capacity to 14MW.

In Malaysia, the company is constructing its fifth data center at its Cyberjaya campus, which is about 30km from the center of Kuala Lumpur. The new Cyberjaya 5 Data Center with 5.6MW of critical IT load capacity is expected to come online in Q4 2020.

“We are pleased to leverage our deep construction expertise and the strength of our capital resources to extend our line of data center facilities – with more to come,” said Ryuichi Matsuo, Executive Vice President for NTT Ltd.’s Global Data Centers division.

“By increasing our global footprint during this pandemic, we can support our clients as their demand increases for reliable, robust cloud services, cloud communications, digital entertainment and new technology such as artificial intelligence.”

Another US market that is expecting to launch a new NTT data center is Chicago, where pre-leasing is already ongoing. The new Chicago data center campus is located on a 19-acre site that is expected to accommodate a pair of 36MW two-story data center buildings. The first building will bring 6MW online in Q1 2021, as announced.

The company is also expecting a new data center in Jakarta, Indonesia. The new Jakarta 3 Data Center (JKT3) is designed to have up to 18,000 square meters of data center floor space for about 7,800 racks and a capacity of 45MW once fully developed. The facility was earlier scheduled to be ready by the end of 2020, but the company has pushed the opening to the first half of 2021.

For next year, NTT said it has plans to develop new data centers in Johannesburg, Silicon Valley, Madrid, and Phoenix, as well as building additional capacity in Mumbai, London, Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Frankfurt.