Japanese networking giant and global data center provider NTT, has officially launched its new NTT Global Data Centers division after consolidating its affiliates under the NTT brand name.

Last year, the company brought together about 28 affiliate regional data center companies that have operated independently, into a single entity to serve the global IT marketplace. This involves the incorporation of quite famous data center service providers such as e-shelter, Gyron, Netmagic, Nexcenter, RagingWire, Dimension Data and NTT Security.

“We understand the core challenges our clients grapple with today as they move along the road of digital transformation. Having one data center partner covering their global requirements makes it easier for clients to reach their business objectives, in a time where huge growth in cloud and data usage is creating a growing demand for data center capacity,” said Ryuichi Matsuo, executive vice president for the new NTT Global Data Centers division.

“So, we are bringing together our global data center businesses into one entity, offering a comprehensive end-to-end stack of data center solutions and services to support our clients’ demands.”

The new NTT Global Data Centers division is placed under the leadership of Matsuo and consists of four regions that span Americas, APAC, EMEA and India with Doug Adams, Takahiro Nagata, Florian Winkler and Sharad Sanghi to serve as these regional leaders, respectively.

In less than a week after the creation of the new division, NTT’s India data center head Sanghi, announced that the company plans to invest up to $1.5 billion on new data centers in India, as a drive towards its international expansion in the data center market. He added that India was the fastest growing region for NTT Ltd.

The company is also expected to launch a data center in Indonesia later this year.
Said to be the largest in the country, the facility is designed to have up to 18,000 square meters of data center floor space, accommodating about 7,800 racks and capable of 45MW IT load when fully developed.

NTT Global Data Centers division now boasts of operating one of the world’s largest data center platforms, currently having over 160 data centers which span more than 20 countries and regions.