Data center provider NTT Ltd., has just announced the opening of its new data center site in Berlin, Germany, and further plans to channel CO2-free waste heat from the data center to buildings around the site.

Codenamed Berlin 2, the new data center location is 14km from the existing NTT Berlin 1 data center site. As announced, the latest site is opened with a maximum total IT capacity of 24MW on about 10,000 square meters of IT space across the first two data center buildings.

“The heart of the digital economy and society beats in data centers. If we want to successfully implement the German government’s digital strategy, we urgently need data centers like these. At the same time, a location here in Germany guarantees companies their digital sovereignty, i.e. the greatest possible control over the IT systems and data used,” said Florian Winkler, Chief Executive Officer at NTT Global Data Centers in EMEA.

“With our second data center location in Berlin, we are meeting the high demand and are already planning for the future: When completed, Berlin 2 with buildings C and D will have a maximum IT capacity of 48MW and 19,200 square meters of data center space.”

At Berlin 2, NTT plans to provide CO2-free waste heat as a basis for climate-friendly management of the neighboring 385,000 square meter Marienpark Berlin commercial district. In addition, the company intends to work with GASAG to further provide a total thermal power of up to 10MW from the two data center buildings, which is expected to serve other neighborhoods.

“The availability of high-performance data centers is the prerequisite for the digital transformation that will keep our economy competitive in the long term. The fact that the resulting waste heat from the data center is fed into GASAG’s heating network and can be used for other buildings is an important contribution and a good, sustainable idea, not only in the current situation,” said Franziska Giffey, Governing Mayor of Berlin.

Among other global expansions, NTT also recently announced the commencement of its sixth data center construction in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.