Cloud and data center service provider NTT Ltd., has just announced the opening of its new 64MW data center facility sited in Dagenham, East London.

The new facility is called London 1 Data Center due to its proximity to the Docklands, which is recognized as the UK’s internet hub and backbone that facilitates the majority of the London Internet Exchange’s (LINX) infrastructure.

“The London 1 Data Center is the latest addition to our NTT global portfolio. Offering flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure along with customizable solutions, London 1 Data Center has been designed to accommodate a wide range of NTT clients and partners, from large scale cloud/SaaS providers to enterprise clients who require full-stack services such as managed hybrid cloud solutions with global network services delivered from an industry leading and carrier-neutral colocation facility,” said Masaaki Moribayashi, Senior Executive Vice President of Services, NTT Ltd.

When fully operational, London 1 Data Center is planned to span 25,600 square meter of IT space and a maximum IT load of 64MW. Additionally, the data center is expected to deliver a power usage effectiveness of 1.2 with an option of using renewable energy.

“World-class digital infrastructure projects are fundamental to our wider digital and investment strategies. Businesses are increasingly demanding infrastructure like this to operate innovatively, securely and efficiently. NTT’s continued commitment to the UK will help us to build and solidify our reputation as a leader in technological innovation in the industries of the future that will help us build back better,” said Gerry Grimstone, UK Minister for Investment.

The opening of London 1 Data Center is part of NTT’s ongoing £500 million data center expansion plan which will also yield to the opening of other data centers including Hemel Hempstead 4 Data Center, NTT’s seventh data center in the UK.

NTT also plans to employ about 100 people with technical and operational skills at the new London 1 Data Center when the facility becomes fully operational with clients or customers.