Technology services provider NTT Ltd., has just announced that its Global Data Centers Americas division is building a new data center campus in Phoenix, Arizona – an addition to its portfolio, growing its footprint to seven campuses.

With its recently opened campuses in Chicago, Ill., Hillsboro, Ore., and Santa Clara, Calif., NTT’s new Phoenix campus is a 102-acre campus with seven data centers expected to offer a total of 240 megawatts (MW) of critical IT load and 1.5 million square feet of space, along with an on-site dedicated substation.

“We are pleased to take this next step in our U.S. expansion plans with a new Phoenix campus. We’re continuing to show all of our clients who would like to accelerate their business growth through digital transformation that we’re committed to growing our global portfolio to better serve them and their business goals,” said Masaaki Moribayashi, President and Board Director for NTT Ltd.

As announced, the new campus is slated to open in early 2022 with its first data center expected to offer 36MW across six 6MW vaults and 126,000 square feet of data floor space. In addition, NTT claims that its presence in the region will support the growing data center market, bringing jobs and economic benefits to Arizona.

“The number of clients and major providers currently in the region, or set to be there soon, speaks to the fact that Phoenix has become a real data center destination. We want to have a presence in the markets that make the most sense for our clients – Phoenix stood out as one of those markets, and the city of Mesa, in particular, was the perfect fit,” said Doug Adams, CEO for the Global Data Centers Americas division of NTT Ltd.

According to NTT, the Phoenix campus will be built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified specifications for Core and Shell, utilizing air-cooled chillers with airside economizers, offering access to multiple leading public, private, and hybrid cloud providers