OneAsia & Megaport Partnership

OneAsia is an IT service, data center, and cloud solutions provider and it has recently partnered with the network-as-a-service (NaaS) provider Megaport. They plan to open up cloud connectivity options for Hong Kong-based enterprises. For businesses this means that they will be able to be supported with greater cloud connectivity options. 

OneAsia is set to launch Express Connect to Any Cloud (ECAC) which consist of being a new service that the company says will provide secure and on-demand managed connections to leading cloud service providers.

“Today, the powerful momentum towards cloud computing continues to grow exponentially as enterprises look for greater flexibility, higher levels of resilience, operational efficiencies and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across their IT systems,” says OneAsia CEO and founder Charles Lee.

“Through our partnership with Megaport launching ECAC, these enterprises can move mission-critical workloads into their choice of cloud in near-real time, through a single point of contact with a user-friendly interface, thus simplifying the building of highly scalable hybrid and multi-cloud models.”

Under this collaboration OneAsia will be leveraging Megaport’s services to be able to introduce a wider range of cloud connectivity options. 

The NaaS provider holds an ecosystem that authorizes connections to more than 300 service providers and in excess of 240 data centers all around the world. This means that customers of the data center located in Kowloon now will have a direct and flexible access to a wide range of cloud service providers, which includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, to name a few.

“We are pleased to partner with OneAsia,” says Megaport CEO Vincent English.

“Combining OneAsia’s managed service capabilities and data center service with Megaport’s global connectivity and deep cloud integration creates a powerful, holistic solution for enterprises in Hong Kong. As cloud adoption in Hong Kong continues to accelerate, this partnership positions us to break down the barriers to cloud adoption and scale the next wave of cloud growth in Hong Kong and the greater Asia Pacific region.”

Even though there have been various telecommunication giants in the region that have launched similar private cloud connectivity services, Megaport’s CEO says that the difference is that their company’s neutrality makes it more appealing to providers.

OneAsia has over ten years of experience in the hybrid IT and multi-cloud managed services and its interconnected with a fully protected fiber network outside of Hong  Kong with extensive coverage across the region.