Oracle has just announced the opening of its new San Jose Cloud Region, marking the company’s 25th Cloud Region globally – 19 commercial and 6 government.

The San Jose facility also hosts the sixth multi-cloud interconnection between Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure, which allows customers of both companies to explore Microsoft Azure and Oracle cloud services from either network or environment. This new region is to serve North American customers and partners on the west coast.

According to the company, the opening of the San Jose cloud region is part of its aggressive plan to have a total of 36 cloud regions by July 2021, although Oracle earlier announced it will meet its target by the end of 2020.

“We’re doubling-down on our global expansion and rapidly scaling our public cloud around the world to meet growing customer demand. Enterprises need fully independent Cloud Regions in multiple sites and in-country, to meet data residency requirements and to safeguard disaster recovery measures,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

As part of its strategy to bolster disaster protection capabilities while meeting in-country data residence requirements, Oracle plans to establish at least two regions in almost every country where it operates. In June, the company announced the opening of its new India cloud region located in Hyderabad, which makes a pair with the pre-existing facility in Mumbai. Earlier in April, Oracle also announced its second Cloud region in Canada.

So far, the U.S., Canada, E.U., South Korea, Japan, India and Australia have two Oracle Cloud Regions. Other regions that expects a pair facility include the U.K., Brazil, U.A.E, and Saudi Arabia.

As partners, CenturyLink, Equinix and Megaport have established a dedicated connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle Cloud services on the San Jose region using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

Oracle also plans to launch additional E.U. regions in Italy, Sweden, and France; as well as new regions in Chile, Singapore, South Africa, and Israel.