Prime Data Centers has just announced the groundbreaking of its 1 billion (USD) data center campus, sited on a total of over 750,000 square feet space in Elk Grove Village, Illinois Chicago with a plan of delivering up to 175 megawatts of IT load capacity at full build-out.

First announced in September 2021, Prime Data Centers’ $1B Chicago data center campus investment is to house three planned data center facilities on the 750,000 square feet space and a 150MW of IT load capacity which is now being increased  to 175MW upon full build.

“Prime’s presence in Elk Grove Village validates our unique position as a Midwestern hub for data center operators. We welcome Prime to Elk Grove Village not as tenants but as partners in every sense of the word,” said Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson.

 “While we know that our infrastructure suits Prime’s needs, we also know that they will find success here in Elk Grove because we both share a drive to innovate and thrive. We are looking forward to partnering with Prime so we can support their continued growth here in Elk Grove Village.”

Starting with the launch of ORD-01, the first of the three planned campus data centers, Prime intends to market to major cloud providers as a single-tenant, hyperscale data center as well as Internet businesses, colocation companies, and the Fortune 500 enterprise.

“On behalf of everyone at Prime, I would like to thank Elk Grove Village and the numerous contractors and team members involved in readying ORD-01 for groundbreaking,” said Nicholas Laag, Chief Executive Officer of Prime Data Centers.

“The partnership between Elk Grove and the data center industry has led to unprecedented growth and positive economic impact. Looking ahead, we will continue to partner with forward-thinking governments, executing on an aggressive, multinational expansion plan that will establish Prime as the data center foundation for the global proliferation of content creation and cloud solutions.”

According to Prime Data Centers, ORD-01 will deliver 384,000 square feet and up to 72 megawatts of IT load capacity. In addition, the facility is expected to be energy efficient and equipped with availability, connectivity and power density requirements of prominent cloud brands.