Based in California, Prime Data Centers has just opened a new 8MW data center facility located within McClellan Business Park in Sacramento, California.

The 70,000 square foot facility is the company’s first data center to be developed on the 38-acre Prime campus with a dedicated 50MVA sub-station on-site, having the ability to accommodate an extra 100MVA. Prime adds that its partnership with the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD) further offers prospective tenants a stable, robust and green power options on the West coast. 

“Prime is uniquely positioned to offer the customer security with massive savings over traditional wholesale co-lo. In addition to the SMUD, Federal, and State of California tax incentives, Prime has created a ‘Partnership as a Service’ offering which enables larger customers to outsource the execution risk, with the added benefit of being able to capitalize on their lease through ownership. This provides a level of ownership of the physical space they occupy on equal footing with Prime,” said Nicholas Laag, CEO and Founding Partner at Prime Data Centers.

“This option creates complete pricing and business alignment with our customer, with all the economic advantages of traditional real-estate ownership without the need to manage any facilities.  This is the perfect Private Cloud for those customers not able or willing to use Public Cloud offerings.  Prime handles all the real estate related work and O&M tailored to the customers’ needs and design.”

Located in a Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone, the company enjoys the McClellan Business Park pricing and tax advantages. Prime also claims that Sacramento is the perfect location for backup and Disaster Recovery replication with minimal transmission-induced latency which sits in a seismically inert region. 

“This is a major win for our region. Prime offers unique services to help companies scale their critical IT infrastructure quickly, in one of the most stable and cost-effective regions in the Western U.S. … The Greater Sacramento region is quickly becoming California’s next tech hub,” said Barry Broome, CEO and President of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council.