UK-based edge colocation service provider Proximity Data Centres, has just announced the expansion of its edge data center footprint with the opening of a new site in Birmingham.

Known as Edge 8, the new data center is built in line with The Uptime Institute Tier 3 specifications, and spans about 63,055 square feet, having the capacity to accommodate up to 2000 racks across three separate data halls. According to Proximity, there is currently 6MW of IT power available at the new data center with the potential to increase the capacity to 12MW.

“Located midway between London and Manchester, our new Birmingham edge colocation facility will serve as an ideal low latency communications hub for organizations such as hyperscalers, CDNs and gaming providers looking to bring data, services and content closer to users around the country – while also optimizing data transit efficiencies and costs,” said John Hall, Managing Director, Colocation at Proximity Data Centres.

“Businesses and managed cloud providers within the Birmingham conurbation area will also benefit from the wide choice of connectivity available from both major carriers as well as local connectivity providers. Proximity Edge 8 will help them increase competitive advantage with low latency connections and high speed bandwidth to ensure their data and applications are always highly responsive to users.”

Located in central Birmingham, the company expects that the Proximity Edge 8 data center will positively leverage its closeness to the new HS2 rail station, BBC campus, major fiber networks traversing the UK including BT, Lumen, Virgin and Zayo in addition to various regional fiber providers.

Last year, Proximity expanded its facility in Nottingham with the provision of an additional 1MW of IT load capacity at the data center site, bringing the total load capacity of the facility to 5MW. This expansion also includes the construction of a new 5,000 square foot data hall which will take the Nottingham site’s total net technical space to 33,000 square feet across six data halls.

The company also disclosed that it plans to have 20 operational data center sites within the next 12 months, which will be in close proximity to major conurbation areas.