Satcom Direct has announced the completion of the second phase of its data center expansion located in Melbourne, Florida. This expansion adds 5,000 square feet of floor space to the data center, doubling the size of the facility.

This is just the second phase, as the company plans a four-phase expansion of the Melbourne facility. According to the company, this expansion has added a floor space that can accommodate at least 120 more server cabinets, bringing the total number of sever cabinets in the facility to 240.

Satcom Direct which started in 2010, provides satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications.

 “We can now further leverage the capabilities of our data center to support current and future internal and customer-facing services, which will result in more data management options for our aviation clients,” said Chris Moore, president of business aviation at Satcom Direct.

7 – 16 October 2018 is a sad date especially, for surviving victims of Hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael was the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the contiguous United States since Andrew in 1992, with impact on Florida Panhandle, killing 74 people and causing damages worth an estimated $25.1 billion.

Satcom Direct has therefore built its data center to be Category 5 hurricane proof, making it capable of withstanding sustained wind speeds of up to 252 kilometers per hour.

“The Satcom data center provides efficient and secure transport of data across a self-owned, fully redundant and highly-scalable network. It serves our own family of companies and allows us to provide robust cyber security monitoring and protection,” Moore adds.

The third expansion phase of the facility code-named ‘Charlie,’ is in its planning stage. Also, the company operates a data center in the ViaWest Compark Data Center Complex in Denver, Colorado.