US-based SHI International Corp., has announced that it is ready to officially open the new 400,000 square feet data center in Piscataway, New Jersey.

The Ridge Integration facility is an addition to SHI’s existing 300,000 square feet Integration data center. The new center is an expansion that is set to boost SHI’s support for advanced data center solutions, including integration services that combine components from multiple manufacturers into ready-to-deploy rack systems.

“Customer response to the opening of our first Integration center in Piscataway was so immediate and positive, it was clear continued expansion would be necessary,” said Thai Lee, President and CEO of SHI International.

“Just three years later, SHI can easily support additional enterprise-size data center infrastructure projects, not just because of our experience and expertise, but because our increased capacity allows us to scale to the needs of any advanced data center initiatives our customers might have.”

According to the company, its pre-configuration platform increases deployment speed and reduces risk and complexity by constructing solutions in SHI staging center. Also, it added that the Ridge Integration facility augments the company’s investment in technology-related services to support SHI customer’s unique requirements.

While we await the official launch of the new data center; scheduled for the end of October, SHI remains a provider of combined software and hardware Integration Services which it has been offering for over 20 years to enterprises, mid-market organizations, state and local government customers.

The company has over time, served businesses who sought pre-deployment configuration and logistics to support end-user and data center solutions across varying IT environment.

The new facility, staffed by a team of 120, will expand SHI’s capacity to power more than 150 racks simultaneously, along with an increased capacity to build and automate integration workflows.

“This facility is a product of SHI’s continual reinvestment to expand our services to meet customers’ hybrid cloud and data center needs,” Lee concludes.