Data center colocation provider Stack Infrastructure today has announced it plans to develop a 56MW data center campus in Toronto, Ontario.

This project is to be developed in a partnership with First Gulf, a Canadian development and construction company with a plan of opening the facility in mid-2022.

“Toronto, with its incredible economic growth, access to power, and connectivity, is one of North America’s most exciting data center expansion opportunities,” said Brian Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Stack Infrastructure.

“Our company continues to develop where our hyperscale and enterprise clients need to be, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with First Gulf and expand internationally to meet those needs. This represents the next chapter in the fast-moving and ever-expanding story of STACK growth.”

The new data center development sits on a 7.5 hectare (19-acre) site, located about 10km from the heart of downtown Toronto. This new facility will be Stack’s first international expansion and will be powered by three diverse substations provided by Toronto Hydro. The 56MW campus is expected to enable hyperscale and enterprise clients to choose among ready capacity, powered shell, and build-to-suit customized opportunities.

“We are delighted to welcome STACK and its partners to Toronto. It is great news that they, along with First Gulf, are further investing in the region’s digital infrastructure to power the City and its business community,” said John Tory, Mayor of Toronto.

“As an industrial and financial hub of Canada, increased technology access, development, and jobs are critical to Toronto’s growth, which is why we hope this is just the beginning of a long, successful partnership.”

This announcement follows the company’s recent round of executive hires and the issuance of $400 million of securitized notes.  Stack is also close to delivering the latest expansion of its Hillsboro data center portfolio, the new 24MW POR03 campus located at 4735 NE Starr Blvd in Hillsboro, Oregon.