Data center services provider STACK Infrastructure, has just announced the groundbreaking of the second phase development at its Northern Virginia campus, expanding the facility to deliver 2X it current load capacity.

According to STACK, this second phase expansion will deliver an additional 36MW of critical power capacity which will bring the whole campus capacity to 72MW, following the delivery of a two-building first phase. As planned, the second phase will come online in Q4 2022.

“Introducing 36MW of new capacity in a prime location with a plan to bring additional scale adjacently is one of many examples of STACK’s ongoing strategy to provide on-demand capacity to its clients. With this and many other campus projects in development, STACK is providing the furnace to enable the top technology pioneers to forge the world’s next big innovations,” said Brian Cox, Chief Executive Officer of STACK.

The company also disclosed plans for an onsite, dedicated substation which is expected to eventually support a full campus of more than 250MW capacity over an aggregate 125 acres that STACK is developing in partnership with the Peterson Companies in Northern Virginia. Furthermore, this second phase facility will be served by 100% renewable energy as with the entirety of STACK’s portfolio.

Few weeks earlier, Infrastructure announced the opening of its latest data center facility in Silicon Valley. Codenamed SVY02, the new 3-story data center facility spans 240,000 square feet in total with the capacity to deliver 32MW of IT power and located adjacent to Stack Infrastructure’s existing SVY01 facility at its current Silicon Valley Campus.

Stack is also developing a 56MW data center campus in Toronto, Ontario – a project that is being executed in partnership with First Gulf, a Canadian development and construction company. The Toronto campus is a 19-acre site and as planned, 8MW capacity will be delivered in Q3 2022 and an additional 48MW is planned to be introduced in future phases starting in 2023.