Data center service provider, STACK Infrastructure, has announced its plans for the development of a new campus in Prince William County, Northern Virginia.

As designed, the new campus will sit on a 34-acre site in Prince William County, having a full capacity of 84MW, and will comprise a minimum of two data center buildings spanning 602,000 square feet.

“STACK has again capitalized on its industry-leading expertise and deep local relationships to deliver capacity in the world’s most coveted power and land-constrained market. This new campus adds to STACK’s already significant presence in Prince William County and is STACK’s latest demonstration of our commitment to continuously delivering scalable solutions for our clients in strategic locations across the globe,” said Brian Cox, Chief Executive Officer of STACK.

“It is not by chance that we have shown this level of growth in Northern Virginia. We are focused on building and delivering critical capacity for our clients where they have the greatest needs. Our continued expansion in the markets that matter most to our clients, like Northern Virginia, combined with our focus on sustainability initiatives, position STACK as the trusted development and operational partner to hyperscalers.”

Through several partnerships, STACK plans to deliver its new Northern Virginia campus in the third quarter of 2023.

This development follows other expansion projects announced by the company and underway, such as the 36MW data center campus in Inzai, Japan, which is designed to feature two buildings with 18MW capacity each.

Still in this year, STACK announced the development of a new campus in Ashburn, Northern Virginia which is planned to deliver a total power capacity of 216MW across 3 data center buildings. This announcement was made in about two months after STACK commenced the expansion of its existing campus in Prince William County which include the second phase development that will deliver an additional 36MW of critical power capacity to the campus, bringing the whole campus capacity to 72MW.